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Burgeoning IT budgets are competing for shrinking resources. Users have a bewildering array of support and technology options, many outside the traditional IT department. It's never been more important to justify the value of IT and to help users navigate their options, and marketing can be a critical tool. The speakers will explain the basics of marketing,(More)
As the much-heralded convergence between IT and Telecom draws nearer, it is time for IT and Telecom support providers to begin considering the implications for user support. Laptops can connect to the internet via cellular services, handheld devices can deliver email and phone calls; support for these devices and services requires technical expertise that(More)
With computing becoming more diverse and ubiquitous, it will be increasingly important in the future for user services departments to learn about the characteristics and needs of the people we serve. As a research psychologist working at Yale's Computer Center, I have spent much of my time during the past year developing a research program to do just that.(More)
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