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We study two aspects of voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures: how they are provided on corporate websites (standalone versus web-based) and how their content varies with the decision to purchase external assurance. Larger firms and firms with higher capital expenditures (i.e., those with longer horizons or greater current exposure to(More)
We study the joint delegation of operating and disclosure choices in a multiprincipal agent setting. We find that joint delegation alters both the incentives to deviate from profit– maximizing operating choices and disclosure policy adoption choices. Incentive weights on revenues are greater for the firm with greater ex ante cost uncertainty, greater(More)
As part of a broad competitive intelligence strategy, firms expect to acquire information about their rivals' customers and production processes. In this study, we examine the firms' incentives to disclose this information. We find that firms adopt a policy of disclosing their information regardless of whether it concerns a rival's customers or production(More)
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