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This paper presents a research strategy for studying water contact, water use and schistosomiasis transmission in an irrigated area of Morocco. This setting, with many scattered water contact sites, many activities carried out at these sites, and the small number of people involved, was not appropriate for a conventional water contact study based on the(More)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) refers to a collection of gastrointestinal symptoms which affect up to 22% of the Western population. Although the disorder costs the British National Health Service and employers vast sums of money in terms of repeated physician visits, medications, and loss of productivity, the cause or causes of IBS are still unknown, and(More)
We examine the stock price reaction to earnings announcements in the five years following seasoned equity offerings (SEOs). On average, post-SEO earnings announcements are met with a significantly negative abnormal stock price reaction. Although this negative reaction accounts for a disproportionately large portion of long-run post-SEO abnormal stock(More)
This pilot study is the first to identify female genital schistosomiasis (FGS) in an Egyptian community setting. The year-long interdisciplinary study, in a small hamlet (ezba), combined clinical assessment with an in-depth study of the social context of reproductive health. Schistosoma haematobium ova were found in 16.7% of women in the study (21/126).(More)
JEL classification: D81 G31 G32 G38 M41 M48 Keywords: Corporate investment Uncertainty Q theory Private companies Corporate disclosure Financial accounting Disclosure regulation a b s t r a c t Public firms provide a large amount of information through their disclosures. In addition, information intermediaries publicly analyze, discuss, and disseminate(More)
We study a firm's decisions to engage in socially responsible activities, voluntarily report on them and purchase external assurance of the report. In our signaling model, neither firm type nor the level of activity is observed. We show that if voluntary assurance is not too expensive, the firm that engages in more socially responsible activities purchases(More)
Introduction Dracunculiasis, Guinea worm disease, is a debilitating parasitic infection of humans most commonly associated with sub-Saharan Africa and India. However, well into the nineteenth century it was intermittently linked with the unregulated importation of humans, the trade in slaves, from areas of West Africa where it was endemic to plantations in(More)
  • S Watts
  • 1998
This paper addresses the question of when guinea worm disease was last found in Egypt, and how written sources from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries which mention the disease should be evaluated. This enquiry is relevant to the global eradication campaign now in progress, and the need for countries in which dracunculiasis was once present to prepare a(More)