Susan G. Cohen

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We examine and discuss the seed accelerator phenomenon which has recently received much attention both in the US and across the globe. While accelerators appear to be proliferating quickly, little is known regarding the value of these programs; how to define accelerator programs; the differences between accelerators, incubators, angel investors and(More)
We have shown previously that the lipophilic photoreagent 3-(trifluoromethyl)3-m-([125I]iodophenyl)-diazirine ([125I]TID) photolabels all four subunits of the Torpedo nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (AChR) and that greater than 70% of this photoincorporation is inhibited by cholinergic agonists and some noncompetitive antagonists, including(More)
Hand and arm posture while keying is frequently mentioned as a risk factor for upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders (UEMSDs) among video display terminal (VDT) operators. However, many epidemiologic studies have not included measures of posture of VDT operators, in part, because of the difficulty of assessing posture rapidly and reliably among large(More)
T his paper extends the job characteristics model (JCM) to address virtual work design. We argue that the effects of critical job characteristics (task significance, autonomy, and feedback) on psychological states (experienced meaningfulness, responsibility, and knowledge of results) differ depending on two important elements of virtuality and their(More)
This investigation tested the hypotheses that (1) physical workstation dimensions are important determinants of operator posture, (2) specific workstation characteristics systematically affect worker posture, and (3) computer operators assume "neutral" upper limb postures while keying. Operator head, neck, and upper extremity posture and selected(More)
The Torpedo nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (AChR) contains a binding site for aromatic amine noncompetitive antagonists that is distinct from the binding site for agonists and competitive antagonists. To characterize the location and function of this allosteric antagonist site, an alkylating analog of meproadifen has been synthesized,(More)