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We report on our efforts to prepare Ada and Grace, virtual guides in the Museum of Science, Boston, to interact directly with museum visitors, including children. We outline the challenges in extending the exhibit to support this usage, mostly relating to the processing of speech from a broad population, especially child speech. We also present the(More)
Awake, unanesthetized, and paralyzed sheep made hypoxic and acidotic were given equivalent low and high intravenous doses of lidocaine and bupivacaine over 10 sec. Within 30 sec of injections, all animals had electroencephalographic evidence of convulsions. After administration of low-dose lidocaine, arrhythmias associated with significant hemodynamic(More)
The efficacy of naloxone in reducing the incidence of side effects after intrathecal injection of morphine and the effects of maternal naloxone administration on the condition of the newborn were evaluated in 40 patients. Patients in labor were given a 1-mg intrathecal injection of morphine and, 1 hr later, either a 0.4-mg bolus of naloxone, followed by a(More)
humans (VHs) at the University of Southern California (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies. Ultimately we want to be able to create virtual humans that look, communicate, and behave like real people as much as possible. Specifically, these characters would be autonomous, thinking on their own, modeling and displaying emotions, and interacting in a(More)
We describe Coach Mike, an animated pedagogical agent for informal computer science education, and report findings from two experiments that provide initial evidence for the efficacy of the system. In the first study, we found that Coach Mike’s presence led to 20% longer holding times, increased acceptance of programming challenges, and reduced misuse of(More)
The goal of a recommender system is to generate relevant recommendations for users. It is an information filtering technique that assists users by filtering the redundant and unwanted data from a data chunk and delivers relevant information to the users. An information system is known as recommendation engine when the delivered information comes in the form(More)
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