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Explaining the origins of novel traits is central to evolutionary biology. Longstanding theory suggests that developmental plasticity, the ability of an individual to modify its development in response to environmental conditions, might facilitate the evolution of novel traits. Yet whether and how such developmental flexibility promotes innovations that(More)
The importance of ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems as a major system for organisational change and transformation has been one of the main reasons they have created such excitement within the educational arena. This paper examines the use of an ERP simulation game to prepare university graduates to meet the challenge of a global supply chain(More)
In the lead up to large-scale change bought about by enterprise system implementations, there are multiple complex influences at play that impact perceptions that the organisation might not be ready for the change effort. These influences manifest in uncertainty, ambiguity in roles and responsibilities and in many cases, information overload. Organisational(More)
In this research in progress paper, we present and discuss an initial empirical evaluation of a model on ERP post-implementation modifications. The theoretical foundation and derivation of a set of propositions from the model were reported recently (citation withheld); it categorises post-implementation modifications to ERP systems and relates it to(More)
Many universities around the world have formed strategic alliances with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems vendors to incorporate these types of systems into their curriculum. Over the past few years the sharing of curriculum resources between universities has facilitated this process. Universities are now struggling with the concept of how to(More)
BACKGROUND Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States and all over the world. Reports indicate that the potency of cannabis preparation has been increasing. This report examines the concentration of cannabinoids in illicit cannabis products seized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration over the last 2 decades, with particular(More)
Antibiotics are a cornerstone of modern medicine, but antibiotic resistance increasingly threatens to erode their effectiveness. The emergence of drug-resistant pathogens is a negative externality associated with antibiotic use. Many patients, who do not in-ternalize this social cost, prefer physicians who casually prescribe antibiotics. If offering these(More)