Susan Feldman

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Inactivity has been identified as a major contributor to the burden of disease in older women. Study aims were: (a) to assess the personal, social, and environmental facilitators and impediments to physical activity in older women from ethnic communities; and (b) to determine the factors associated with physical activity participation. Older women (aged(More)
This study sought to investigate the walking habits of older people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and to identify the factors associated with their walking. Three hundred and thirty three people over the age of 60 years were recruited from seven culturally diverse groups from the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. A survey questionnaire recording(More)
Editor's Note: Be sure to take a look at this article's companion piece, also by Jessica and Susan, entitled "Metadata Projects and Standards," for an overview of the variety of emerging and often conflicting projects for standardizing electronic resources. Also see the extensive list of metadata project and resource links referenced in the text. For a look(More)
Given an Australian national and state policy agenda that continues to promote collaborative work, many community organisations are attempting to engage in partnerships with mixed results. This paper reports on a qualitative study conducted to explore the experiences of existing partnerships between organisations and small community groups who deliver(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine how engagement in creative occupations informed six older retired people's occupational identities. METHOD Occupational narratives were gathered from in-depth interviews with 6 participants (75 years of age or older) who had extended experience of participation in creative occupations. A process of narrative-type(More)
AIM To examine, using a retrospective narrative study, the factors influencing four older people's decision to plan for the activities they would undertake once retired, the planning process undertaken and their subsequent experience of retirement. METHOD Semi-structured interviews were conducted to examine the factors influencing older people's decision(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the experiences and barriers to food security of community-dwelling older people. DESIGN Quantitative questionnaire and 5 focus group discussions using purposive sampling. SETTING Shire of Melton, Victoria, Australia. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-seven people (13 male and 24 female), between 58 and 85 years of age, from Anglo-Celtic(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) develop premature cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise reduces the incidence and symptoms of cardiovascular disease in able-bodied individuals; these salutary effects of exercise have not been documented in persons with SCI. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of functional electrical stimulation leg(More)
Approximately 16% of the Australian population speak a language other than English at home. Older people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds face many barriers to accessing services which may explain their under-utilisation of community aged care services. The aim of this review is to critique the literature related to the delivery(More)