Susan Feinberg

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Cognitive load theory can inform the design of web-based instruction. The basic premise of cognitive load theory is that the focus of an instructional module must be the instruction itself. Information that is adjunct to the instruction must be designed to minimize cognitive load and enhance working memory. Because the mental resources of working memory can(More)
D o tougher environmental regulations cause firms to flee the country? Although several studies document the impact of environmental regulation on domestic production, the question of whether firms increase foreign manufacturing in response to new domestic regulation has remained unanswered. 1 Consequently, our understanding of the efficacy of environmental(More)
This paper discusses the work in progress at the Illinois Institute of Technology/Program in Technical Communication and Information Design in web-based instruction and distance learning. Part I is a case study of issues involved in the re-positioning of a traditional classroom course in online design to Internet delivery. Part II discusses issues in the(More)
This abstract provides a brief history of the development of the product and an overview of the kinds of interfaces that helped users retrieve data from the CD-ROM. A beta-test provided the information that the development team used to design and improve the user interfaces. In January, 1991 the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) distributed their(More)
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