Susan F. Whitehead

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Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and safety through medical device interoperability. To achieve this, it is not enough to build a technically perfect system. We present here our work toward the validation of middleware for use in interoperable medical cyber-physical systems. This includes clinical requirements, together with our methodology for(More)
When a x-ray image is needed during surgery, clinicians may stop the anesthesia machine ventilator while the exposure is made. If the ventilator is not restarted promptly, the patient may experience severe complications. This paper explores the interconnection of a ventilator and simulated x-ray into a prototype plug-and-play medical device system. This(More)
The absence of open standards and related technologies for cross-vendor medical device integration is impeding national efforts to improve patient safety and healthcare efficiency [1]. Unlike the connected " plug-and-play " environment of networked computers and modern consumer electronics, medical devices – essential for the practice of modern medicine –(More)
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