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The adoption of new computer communication systems into organizations requires behavioral change. Planning for successful adoption requires knowledge of individual organizational communication patterns and the relationship between those patterns and particular communication system solutions. This paper documents a sequence of studies of organizational(More)
Office automation is used by groups of people with complex communication needs to help them reach business goals such as scheduling, tracking, reviewing, and delegating. Effective individual and group decisions are heavily dependent on communication protocols and social conventions. Because these conventions are so ingrained, they are sometimes not readily(More)
Human factors professionals are not completely free to support the optimization of user interface design within the time span of individual software development projects. Interface design is constrained by conservative forces, such as the expectations of users of existing systems in the installed base and emerging de facto or formal standards. At the same(More)
Computer-based voice messaging systems are used to send and receive confidential messages via touch-tone telephones. Auditory prompts guide users through a series of menus, listing options as users proceed through their sessions. This report describes how a voice messaging system was enhanced and redesigned based on thinking aloud protocols, customer site(More)
The second conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work has provided focus on use of computers for supporting workers that are at various levels of geographic dispersion. The participants in this panel reported case studies at that conference on group work (1) in face-to-face meetings, (2) in the same building, and (3) distributed across a number of(More)
The introduction of a voice store and forward system can have a profound impact on an organization. This technology can not only support existing communication networks but can also provide an <i>additional mode</i> by which individuals can communicate with each other. However, the success of voice store and forward systems is highly dependent on the way(More)
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