Susan Eileen Fox

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RUPART is a hybrid robot control system for navigating a real-world, academic building. Hybrid robot control systems provide robust low-level navigation together with strategic planning abilities. While a hybrid system may produce better overall performance, it is often a complex system that must balance reactive with deliberative tasks, and where learning(More)
Robot competitions run the gamut from research-oriented challenges to K-12 contest aimed at basic problem-solving. For students and faculty at small liberal-arts colleges with limited resources, finding the right level of competition can be a difficult proposition. At Macalester College we have hosted a series of robot competitions, inviting nearby(More)
This research examines a hybrid planner for a real-world mobile robot delivering messages in an office environment. The overall project, RUPART, uses "unified CBR" to combine behavior-based control with high-level case-based planning, using a single similarity metric to retrieve both behavior cases and plan cases. This paper focuses on case-based reasoning(More)
In recent years, “introspective reasoning” systems have been developed to model the ability to reason about one’s own reasoning performance. This research examines “reflective” introspective reasoning: introspecting about the introspective reasoning process, itself. We introduce a reflective introspective reasoning system that uses case-based reasoning(More)
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