Susan Eberlein

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In two separate incidents, two toddlers with no previous history of respiratory ailments presented to the emergency department of a children's hospital with progressive respiratory distress. Both children had unilateral lung findings on auscultation and initial chest radiographs that were consistent with a pneumothorax. Thoracostomy and chest tube insertion(More)
The engrailed gene of Drosophila melanogaster is believed to be involved in control of determination and differentiation of posterior compartments. en1/en1 causes a partial transformation of the posterior compartment of wing and first leg to mirror-image anterior, which prompted the hypothesis that engrailed + is a "selector gene" required for the posterior(More)
Die häufigste Komplikation der Otitis media ist die Mastoiditis. Trotz der Antibiotika entwickelt eine nicht zu vernachlässigende Anzahl von Kindern eine subakute, chronische Form der Mastoiditis, die mit den gleichen intra- und extrakranialen Komplikationen einhergehen kann. Es wird über 59 Kinder mit Mastoiditis berichtet, die klinischen Symptome,(More)
Very short heat shocks are administered to carefully staged early embryos of Drosophila melanogaster, and the effects on protein synthesis pattern investigated. A shock as short as 2 min will induce the heat shock response (reduction of normal protein synthesis, increased synthesis of the heat shock proteins) in syncytial blastoderm or later stages. Thus(More)
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