Susan E. Kirk

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Gestational primary hyperparathyroidism (GPHPT) is a rare condition with fewer than 200 cases reported. We present the case of a 21-year-old woman who presented at 10 weeks' gestation with severe hypercalcemia. Laboratory investigation was consistent with primary hyperparathyroidism. Neck ultrasound did not reveal any parathyroid enlargement. Due to the(More)
Human placental GH (hGH-V) is a variant of pituitary hGH (hGH-N) synthesized and secreted by syncytiotrophoblasts during pregnancy. It differs from hGH-V by only 13 amino acid residues, which makes difficult a specific measurement of hGH-V without interference from hGH-N. To overcome the analytical difficulties, we produced new high affinity monoclonal(More)
PURPOSE To comprehensively quantify through daily, serial measures changes in knee laxity as a function of changing sex-hormone levels across one complete menstrual cycle. METHODS Twenty-five females, 18 - 30 yr, body mass index < or = 30, who reported normal menstrual cycles (28-32 d) over the past 6 months participated. Participants were tested daily(More)
INTRODUCTION In adolescent thromboembolism (TE), multiple risk factors (RFs) and co-morbidities (CMs) are reported, though overall prevalence has not been evaluated. We hypothesized that the spectrum of RFs/CMs in adolescent TE differs from children overall and sought to review Texas Children's Hospital's experience. PATIENTS/METHODS Medical records of(More)
This study aimed to determine whether absolute sex hormone concentrations predict the magnitude of knee joint laxity changes across the menstrual cycle. Twenty-two females (18-30 years, body mass index <or=30), who reported normal menstrual cycles for the previous 6 months were tested daily across one complete menstrual cycle for serum levels of estradiol(More)
Traditional administration of rituximab requires careful titration and may involve many hours to minimize the risk of reactions. The objective of this study was to evaluate the safety of rapid infusions of rituximab in a pilot group of children with hematologic, oncologic, and rheumatologic disorders, and to determine the incidence of rate-related infusion(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relation between arterial resistance and placental growth hormone (hGH-V) levels in the maternal circulation. STUDY DESIGN Sixty-seven women with normal pregnancy, 13 with preeclampsia (PE) and 11 with intrauterine fetal growth restriction (IUGR) underwent Doppler sonography of the placental and nonplacental uterine and(More)
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