Susan E Kelly

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The field of bioethics has been criticized for its universalizing tendencies, attributed in a large part to its foundations in moral philosophy and the level of abstraction of much bioethical discourse. Efforts to particularize bioethics have included the "turn toward casuistry", the emergence of feminist and disability rights critiques of mainstream(More)
In this note we announce that under general hypotheses wavelet type ex pansions of functions in Lp p in one or more dimensions converge pointwise almost everywhere and identify the Lebesgue set of a function as a set of full measure on which they converge It is shown that unlike the Fourier sum mation kernel wavelet summation kernels Pj are bounded by(More)
BACKGROUND Delirium is a serious postoperative condition for which few pharmacologic prevention trials have been conducted. OBJECTIVE The authors tested the efficacy of perioperative olanzapine administration to prevent postoperative delirium in elderly patients after joint-replacement surgery. METHOD The authors conducted a randomized, double-blind,(More)
Public bioethics bodies are used internationally as institutions with the declared aims of facilitating societal debate and providing policy advice in certain areas of scientific inquiry raising questions of values and legitimate science. In the United States, bioethical experts in these institutions use the language of consensus building to justify and(More)
The hydraulic conductivity of submerged sediments influences the interaction between ground water and surface water, but few techniques for measuring K have been described with the conditions of the submerged setting in mind. Two simple, physical methods for measuring the hydraulic conductivity of submerged sediments have been developed, and one of them(More)
BACKGROUND Studies throughout Northern Europe, the United States and Australia have found an association between childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and family socioeconomic disadvantage. We report further evidence for the association and review potential causal pathways that might explain the link. METHOD Secondary analysis of a UK(More)
OBJECTIVES We identified psychosocial, structural, and cultural barriers to seeking dental care among nonutilizing caregivers of Medicaid-enrolled children. METHODS We used Medicaid utilization records to identify utilizing and nonutilizing African American and White caregivers of Medicaid-enrolled children in Jefferson County, Kentucky. We conducted 8(More)
Parents of children with genetic conditions or impairments stand in a unique position with regard to choices and dilemmas posed by prenatal screening and testing options offered to at-risk parents as a means to a 'healthy' baby. This article reports the results of a qualitative study of parents whose children are clients of a state-wide rural genetic(More)
Wavelets provide a new class of orthogonal expansions in L Rd with good time frequency localization and regularity approximation properties Da They have been successfully applied to signal processing numerical analysis and quantum mechanics Ru We study pointwise convergence properties of wavelet expansions and show that such expansions and more generally(More)
Despite a growing personal genomics market, little is known about how people engage with the possibilities offered by direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing. In order to help address this gap, this study deploys narrative analysis of YouTube videos posted by individuals who have purchased DTC genetic testing for disease. Genetic testing is said to be(More)