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Coastal embayments have been and will continue to be constructed along the northwest shoreline of Lake Ontario to restore and create warmwater fish habitat. However, very little is known about the biological connections among embayments. Using otolith microchemistry on pumpkinseed, largemouth bass and yellow perch collected from three constructed embayments(More)
Biological damage to sensitive aquatic ecosystems is among the most recognisable, deleterious effects of acidic deposition. We compiled a large spatial database of over 2000 waterbodies across southeastern Canada from various federal, provincial and academic sources. Data for zooplankton, fish, macroinvertebrate (benthos) and loon species richness and(More)
Acoustic transmitters are widely used to obtain information on the spatial ecology of fish and other aquatic animals. Some transmitters contain pressure sensors to estimate depth, which are factory-calibrated before being sold and have a specified range of error. Our goal was to assess the accuracy of these pressure sensors and the factory calibrations to(More)
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