Susan E. Blackburn

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This study traced the origin of cells observed in human breast secretion samples obtained during lactation and describes the appearance of these cells following prolonged maintenance in vitro. Human milk contains a large number of single vacuolated foam cells and a small proportion of non-vacuolated epithelial cells in clusters. Foam cells are identified by(More)
This paper describes a method of obtaining epithelial cells from large quantities of normal human breast tissue and the response of these cells in culture to lactogenic hormones. Suspensions of single cells and clusters of cells resembling normal ductal and alveolar structures were obtained by mechanical disaggregation and subsequent (3h) incubation of(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to determine the pattern and magnitude of electromyographic activity recorded from paraspinal musculature at four different vertebral levels while subjects performed six Williams' flexion exercises with anterior and posterior pelvic tilt. Bipolar surface electrodes were placed on the right sides, at C5, T6, L3, and S1,(More)
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