Susan E. Beekmann

Carlos del Rio1
Jason G. Newland1
Adam L. Hersh1
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Online immunization reminders were implemented in an adult medicine setting in which all immunization history, vaccine ordering and charting were required online. Physicians were randomized to one of two arms in a cross-over design. Each arm was shown online recommendations for vaccines indicated by nationally accepted guidelines either during the first or(More)
BACKGROUND Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a common childhood infection. CAP complications, such as parapneumonic empyema (PPE), are increasing and are frequently caused by antibiotic-resistant organisms. No clinical guidelines currently exist for management of pediatric CAP and no published data exist about variations in antibiotic prescribing(More)
Background.  The first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States and subsequent cases among 2 healthcare workers caring for that patient highlighted the importance of hospital preparedness in caring for Ebola patients. Methods.  From October 21, 2014 to November 11, 2014, infectious disease physicians who are part of the Emerging Infections Network (EIN)(More)
BACKGROUND In order to determine how best to tailor outreach messages about poxvirus diagnosis and infection control for health practitioners, we surveyed infectious disease physicians in the Infectious Diseases Society of America's Emerging Infections Network. FINDINGS Surveys consisting of two unknown case scenarios designed to raise suspicion for(More)
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