Susan D M Brooks

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Thorough assessment of vulnerable coastal habitats, impacted by sea-level rise and anthropogenic pressures, requires both the accurate establishment of the evidence base for current status and scientifically-informed forward planning of expected future status. Coastal saline lagoons are transitional, ephemeral habitats of considerable conservation interest;(More)
1. A literature review on the subject of suicide by mental health professional indicates that research has been limited to family member survivors. There is some data on reactions to patient suicide by psychiatrists and psychologists. 2. The results of this study show that mental health professional survivors of peer suicide experience similar reactions to(More)
1. The highlights are not done properly. This is the information from the Highlights section of the author guide: DONE 2. I am fine with the use of "innovatory" but please note that the Cambridge English Dictionary indicates that this word only has UK usage. We have an international audience for the journal and "innovative" may be easier to comprehend for(More)
It has been well documented that former foster youth are at a distinct disadvantage in early adulthood in the areas of education, housing, employment, economics, and health. This report reviews the literature on the transition out of the foster care system to independent living. Independent Living Programs (ILPs) have been found to contribute to(More)
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