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PURPOSE To present a normative volumetric database, spanning 5 decades of life, of cerebrospinal fluid, subarachnoid cerebrospinal fluid, total brain volume, total ventricular volume (component ventricular volumes of lateral, temporal horn, and third and fourth ventricles) and estimates of white and gray matter, based on a multispectral segmentation of(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe a new, rigorous, comprehensive practice-based evidence for clinical practice improvement (PBE-CPI) study methodology, and compare its features, advantages, and disadvantages to those of randomized controlled trials and sophisticated statistical methods for comparative effectiveness research. RESEARCH DESIGN PBE-CPI incorporates(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe physical therapy provided to patients with stroke in inpatient rehabilitation facilities. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Data were collected from 972 patients with stroke receiving physical therapy services at 6 rehabilitation facilities in the United States. Descriptive statistics were derived to(More)
DeJong G, Horn SD, Conroy B, Nichols D, Healton EB. Opening the black box of post-stroke rehabilitation: stroke rehabilitation patients, processes, and outcomes. This article introduces the journal's supplement devoted to the methods and findings of the 7-site Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Outcomes Project (PSROP), a study designed to provide a very granular(More)
Objective: To develop a healing index for patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) for use in clinical practice, research analysis, and clinical trials. Approach: U.S. Wound Registry data were examined retrospectively and assigned a clear outcome (healed, amputated, etc.). Significant variables were identified with bivariate analyses. A multivariable(More)
This study predicted graft and recipient survival in kidney transplantation based on the USRDS dataset by regression models and artificial neural networks (ANNs). We examined single time-point models (logistic regression and single-output ANNs) versus multiple time-point models (Cox models and multiple-output ANNs). These models in general achieved good(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors describe characteristics, treatment, and acute service use associated with agitation and depression in dementia. METHODS Authors used retrospective chart review of symptoms, physician-level prescribing, and acute service use over 3 months for 2,487 physically frail older residents, including 1,836 with dementia, (mean age: 79.8(More)
Concern that opioids hasten death may be among the reasons that pain is treated inadequately in populations with advanced illness. Studies that assess the true risks are needed. To determine whether survival after last opioid dose change is associated with opioid dosing characteristics and other factors, data from the National Hospice Outcomes Project, a(More)
This article discusses the Severity of Illness case-mix groups, and suggests a refinement to diagnosis-related groups (DRG's) designed to accommodate the important element of patient severity. An application of the suggested refinement is presented in a discussion of the efficient production of hospital services. The following areas are addressed. A brief(More)