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Prospecting macroalgae (seaweeds) as feedstocks for bioconversion into biofuels and commodity chemical compounds is limited primarily by the availability of tractable microorganisms that can metabolize alginate polysaccharides. Here, we present the discovery of a 36-kilo-base pair DNA fragment from Vibrio splendidus encoding enzymes for alginate transport(More)
In human occluded saphenous vein grafts, we previously demonstrated cytotoxic foam cells, presumably derived from macrophages engulfing platelets. In the present study, we investigated whether platelet phagocytosis occurs in human atherosclerotic plaques, whether this activates macrophages, and whether the platelet constituent, amyloid precursor protein(More)
The increasing demands placed on natural resources for fuel and food production require that we explore the use of efficient, sustainable feedstocks such as brown macroalgae. The full potential of brown macroalgae as feedstocks for commercial-scale fuel ethanol production, however, requires extensive re-engineering of the alginate and mannitol catabolic(More)
An expert elicitation approach has been developed to estimate probabilities for unsafe human actions (UAs) based on error-forcing contexts (EFCs) identified through the ATHEANA (A Technique for Human Event Analysis) search process. The expert elicitation approach integrates the knowledge of informed analysts to quantify UAs and treat uncertainty(More)
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