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Energetic constraints on the diet of terrestrial carnivores
Species in the mammalian order Carnivora exhibit a huge diversity of life histories with body sizes spanning more than three orders of magnitude. Despite this diversity, most terrestrial carnivoresExpand
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Scent-marking by male mammals: Cheat-proof signals to competitors and mates
Summary Scent-marking is a ubiquitous form of olfactory signaling in male mammals and both territorial males in resource-defense mating systems and dominant males in dominance mating systemsExpand
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Facial appearance affects voting decisions.
Human groups are unusual among primates in that our leaders are often democratically selected. Faces affect hiring decisions and could influence voting behavior. Here, we show that facial appearanceExpand
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Production and engineering of terpenoids in plant cell culture.
Terpenoids are a diverse class of natural products that have many functions in the plant kingdom and in human health and nutrition. Their chemical diversity has led to the discovery of over 40,000Expand
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Recent advances towards development and commercialization of plant cell culture processes for the synthesis of biomolecules.
Plant cell culture systems were initially explored for use in commercial synthesis of several high-value secondary metabolites, allowing for sustainable production that was not limited by the lowExpand
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MHC-correlated odour preferences in humans and the use of oral contraceptives
Previous studies in animals and humans show that genes in the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) influence individual odours and that females often prefer odour of MHC-dissimilar males, perhapsExpand
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Female facial attractiveness increases during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle
The lack of obvious visible manifestations of ovulation in human females, compared with the prominent sexual swellings of many primates, has led to the idea that human ovulation is concealed. WhileExpand
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Expression profiling of genes involved in paclitaxel biosynthesis for targeted metabolic engineering.
Taxus plant suspension cell cultures provide a sustainable source of paclitaxel (Taxol) for the treatment of many cancers. To develop an optimal bioprocess for paclitaxel supply, taxane biosyntheticExpand
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Genetic similarity and quality interact in mate choice decisions by female mice
Females express mate preferences for genetically dissimilar males, especially with respect to the major histocompatibility complex, MHC, and for males whose sexually selected signals indicate highExpand
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Variability of affective responses to odors: culture, gender, and olfactory knowledge.
Emotion and odor scales (EOS) measuring odor-related affective feelings were recently developed for three different countries (Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Singapore). The first aim of this studyExpand
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