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Energetic constraints on the diet of terrestrial carnivores
It is shown, by reviewing the most common live prey in carnivore diets, that there is a striking transition from feeding on small prey to large prey (near predator mass), occurring at predator masses of 21.5–25 kg, and the predicted maximum mass that an invertebrate diet can sustain is predicted. Expand
Scent-marking by male mammals: Cheat-proof signals to competitors and mates
Scent-marking is a ubiquitous form of olfactory signaling in male mammals and both territorial males in resource-defense mating systems and dominant males in dominance mating systems scent-mark, and it is argued that the mechanisms are used conditionally, depending on information available and potential costs and benefits to receivers. Expand
Facial appearance affects voting decisions.
Human groups are unusual among primates in that our leaders are often democratically selected. Faces affect hiring decisions and could influence voting behavior. Here, we show that facial appearanceExpand
Recent advances towards development and commercialization of plant cell culture processes for the synthesis of biomolecules.
Recent advancements in plant cell culture processing technology are discussed, focusing on progress towards overcoming the problems associated with commercialization of these production systems and highlighting recent commercial successes. Expand
MHC-correlated odour preferences in humans and the use of oral contraceptives
The results suggest that contraceptive pill use could disrupt disassortative mate preferences, because a significant preference shift towards MHC similarity associated with pill use was found, which was not evident in the control group. Expand
Production and engineering of terpenoids in plant cell culture.
This paper reviews the current state of knowledge of terpenoid metabolism, with a special focus on production of important pharmaceutically active secondary metabolic terpenoids in plant cell cultures. Expand
Female facial attractiveness increases during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle
It is shown here that both men and women judge photographs of women's faces that were taken in the fertile window of the menstrual cycle as more attractive than photographs taken during the luteal phase, indicating the existence of visible cues to ovulation in the human face. Expand
Expression profiling of genes involved in paclitaxel biosynthesis for targeted metabolic engineering.
The preference for one side of the biosynthetic pathway branch in early taxane synthesis is revealed, where transcripts coding for TalphaH are abundant after elicitation with MJ but transcripts encoding the two enzymes for the alternative branch (TDAT and T10betaH) are not highly expressed following elicitation. Expand
MHC-correlated mate choice in humans: A review
The idea that olfactory and visual channels may work in a complementary way to achieve an optimal level of genetic variability, methodological issues and interesting avenues for further research are discussed. Expand
Genetic similarity and quality interact in mate choice decisions by female mice
It is shown that although MHC dissimilarity and a 'good genes' indicator (investment in scent-marking) both have a role in determining female preference, their relative influence can vary depending on the degree of variability in each trait among available males. Expand