Susan C Conway

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BACKGROUND Breast milk transmission of HIV-1 remains a major route of pediatric infection. Defining the characteristics of viral variants to which breastfeeding infants are exposed is important for understanding the genetic bottleneck that occurs in the majority of mother-to-child transmissions. The blood-milk epithelial barrier markedly restricts the(More)
Preliminary reports suggest improved executive function in patients with lobar dementia after treatment with single doses of the alpha 2 adrenoceptor antagonist, idazoxan. The potential for use in probable Alzheimer-type dementia prompted the present study. Fifteen patients with probable Alzheimer-type dementia were examined twice with neuropsychological(More)
Thirty patients with a diagnosis of probable Alzheimer's disease were assessed using the traditional National Adult Reading Test (NART) and also by placing the NART stimulus words in context (meaningful sentences)--the Cambridge Contextual Reading Test (CCRT) condition. Placing the stimulus words in sentences acted to significantly reduce overall(More)
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