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Face, hands, and body movements are powerful signals essential for social interactions. In the last 2 decades, a large number of brain imaging studies have explored the neural correlates of the perception of these signals. Formal synthesis is crucially needed, however, to extract the key circuits involved in human motion perception across the variety of(More)
OBJECTIVES To perform a process evaluation of a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of home telecare for the management of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), using the normalization process model (NPM) as an explanatory framework. METHODS Semi-structured interviews were carried out with patients (n = 9) and nurses (n = 11)(More)
Recent studies have implicated chromosome 9p21-22 as a location for a gene involved in cutaneous melanoma (CM). Deletion mapping in 35 matched tumour-constitutional DNA pairs from metastatic melanomas (including one melanoma cell line) and one dysplastic naevus has been performed using six short tandem repeat polymorphic (STRP) markers(More)
CDKN2 has been implicated as a melanoma susceptibility gene in some kindreds with a family history of this disease. Mutation analysis of CDKN2 in 17 familial melanoma Australian kindreds revealed a paucity of exon mutations and none of the previously described disease-related mutations. One novel germline mutation was found in exon one, Arg24Pro, which(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Evidence-based research has been criticized for not being relevant to the real world of patient care in the community, mainly because participants in research studies are dissimilar to those typically seen in every day practice. This article examines recruitment difficulties, and identifies the main reasons why patients with heart(More)
The MicroScan WalkAway is an automated bacterial identification and susceptibility testing system that has only recently been marketed in Australasia. We evaluated the performance of the instrument using MicroScan Rapid fluorescent panels to determine the identity and antibiotic susceptibilities of 100 Gram negative and 100 Gram positive organisms(More)
Practice nursing has expanded rapidly since the 1990 contract for general practitioners. In 1990, a national survey was undertaken of the attitudes of a random sample of general practitioners towards practice nurses. Responses to the postal questionnaire were received from 41.9% of the 4800 general practitioners sampled. Of the responding general(More)
Malignant melanoma occurs as a familial cancer in 5%-10% of cases where it segregates in a manner consistent with autosomal dominant inheritance. Evidence from cytogenetics, fine-mapping studies of deletions in melanomas, and recent linkage studies supports the location of a human melanoma predisposition gene on the short arm of chromosome 9. We have(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatitis E (HEV) is the primary cause of enterically transmitted non-A non-B hepatitis worldwide. Case reports of HEV in individuals in the United Kingdom relate to travel to endemic areas or contact with individuals who have visited these areas. CASE REPORTS Four individuals presented with acute hepatitis to a hepatology clinic in a teaching(More)
BACKGROUND Health authorities in Victoria, Australia were notified of three men from a rural town with atypical pneumonia, admitted to hospital over 8 days. Initial serological testing suggested Chlamydia psittaci as the cause. We did a case-control study to find risk factors for psittacosis. METHODS We searched for cases of pneumonia or severe flu-like(More)