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OBJECTIVE To improve the understanding of chronic pelvic pain (CPP) and to provide evidence-based guidelines of value to primary care health professionals, general obstetricians and gynaecologists, and those who specialize in chronic pain. BURDEN OF SUFFERING: CPP is a common, debilitating condition affecting women. It accounts for substantial personal(More)
BACKGROUND As stigma is a socially constructed concept, it would follow that stigma related to sexual behaviours and sexually transmitted infections would carry with it many of the gender-based morals that are entrenched in social constructs of sexuality. In many societies, women tend to be judged more harshly with respect to sexual morals, and would(More)
One long-recognized consequence of the tension between popular sovereignty and democratic values like liberty and equality is public opinion backlash, which occurs when individuals recoil in response to some salient event. For decades, scholars have suggested that opinion backlash impedes policy gains by marginalized groups. Public opinion research,(More)
We report qualitative consumer field trials of a prototype digital memory device known as SenseCam. We presented SenseCam to 25 consumers in the US (N=9), Japan (N=8), and South Korea (N=8) to determine initial interest and expected use cases. This was followed by respondents using an actual prototype camera for approximately one week and reporting on their(More)
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