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Face, hands, and body movements are powerful signals essential for social interactions. In the last 2 decades, a large number of brain imaging studies have explored the neural correlates of the perception of these signals. Formal synthesis is crucially needed, however, to extract the key circuits involved in human motion perception across the variety of(More)
Genetic resistance to clinical mousepox (ectromelia virus) varies among inbred laboratory mice and is characterized by an effective natural killer (NK) response and the early onset of a strong CD8(+) cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) response in resistant mice. We have investigated the influence of virus-expressed mouse interleukin-4 (IL-4) on the cell-mediated(More)
BACKGROUND Health authorities in Victoria, Australia were notified of three men from a rural town with atypical pneumonia, admitted to hospital over 8 days. Initial serological testing suggested Chlamydia psittaci as the cause. We did a case-control study to find risk factors for psittacosis. METHODS We searched for cases of pneumonia or severe flu-like(More)
A human case of anthrax was identified through surveillance of knackery workers who had been exposed to infected cattle. The outbreak in cattle has affected 38 herds in the Stanhope/Tatura area of central northern Victoria. The human case, a 39 year old male, was treated in hospital and is recovering. Surveillance of other knackery workers has now been(More)
  • Bolliger M, Zimmerli L, +39 authors Kol
  • 2014
Differences in cortical coding of heat evoked pain beyond the perceived intensity: an fMRI and EEG study, Human Brain Mapping, (pubmed 23450833). Improved diagnosis of spinal cord disorders with contact heat evoked potentials, Neurology, (pubmed 23486867). Acute necrotizing encephalopathy (ANE1): rare autosomal-dominant disorder presenting as acute(More)
  • S R Beaton
  • 1991
Styles of reminiscence used in life stories, rather than being outcomes of life review undertaken in old age, may be the characteristic ways in which individuals at particular levels of ego development, think about, relate to, and recount the stories of their lives. To investigate the contention that differences in the styles of reminiscence of older(More)
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