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Reducing the negative impacts of storm water is gaining priority in United States communities' efforts to develop more sustainably and to comply with Clean Water Act requirements. Nationwide, communities may need to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in coming decades to meet clean water goals, assuming expansion and repair of conventional(More)
Committee members since 1975 have reviewed periodicals and books for discussions of technical communication issues to build the bibliography to a significant resource for technical communication. This year's members, representing schools from across the U.S. and Canada, have each monitored a set of periodicals to glean the entries presented here. Just as(More)
Early in 2003, ATTW members were surveyed on a number of issues about the organization including about the bibliography. Members of ATTW refer to the bibliography because it " focuses on resources specific to technical communication. " Several members noted that they find the paper copy easier to use than online databases; others use the pdf version found(More)
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