Susan Anderson

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BACKGROUND Schools are in a unique position to promote healthy dietary behaviors and help ensure appropriate nutrient intake. This article describes the characteristics of both school nutrition services and the foods and beverages sold outside of the school meals program in the United States, including state- and district-level policies and school(More)
The influence of alcohol advertising on young people continues to be the subject of much debate. This paper presents a review of the literature showing that, while many econometric studies suggest little effect, more focused consumer studies, especially recent ones with sophisticated designs, do show clear links between advertising and behaviour.(More)
BACKGROUND Time management in ambulatory patient visits is increasingly critical. Do patients who perceive a longer visit with internists report increased satisfaction? METHODS Prospective survey of 1486 consecutively encountered ambulatory visits to 16 primary care physicians (PCPs) in an academic primary care clinic. Patients were queried regarding(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe patient desire and reasons for specialist referrals in a gatekeeper-model managed care plan. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional prospective study. PATIENTS AND METHODS We developed a patient questionnaire to gather demographic data and to gauge patients' desire for specialist referral and their reasons for seeking such referral. The(More)
Cigarette on-pack messages are one of the principal vehicles for informing smokers about the risks of smoking and research has highlighted their role as a valid health communication tool. Furthermore, they have the potential to disrupt the powerful cigarette brand imagery associated with tobacco packaging. Responding to concerns within Europe that the old(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether a brief previsit questionnaire about referral concerns can improve primary care provider (PCP) recognition of patient concerns and satisfaction with care. DESIGN Sequential prospective study in the internal medicine clinic of an academic medical center providing primary care to patients enrolled in a gatekeeper-model managed(More)
Tobacco-industry marketing has played a central part in the global spread of tobacco use and addiction. Although the absolute size of the tobacco market has dwindled, the industry is still immensely successful, largely due to sophisticated and manipulative marketing strategies. The UK tobacco industry identifies target groups and builds enduring(More)
The law surrounding decision-making for adults who lose their capacity varies considerably internationally. In many cases legislation has taken a protective and consequently restrictive role for adults with incapacity and often the issue of capacity assessment within the appropriate legal framework is circumvented. In Scotland, the introduction of the(More)
This workshop provides a forum for discussing experiences and issues related to tacit knowledge [Polanyi 1967] in collaborative systems. Beginning with early CSCW systems, tacit knowledge of work practice, in terms of unspoken assumptions and exceptions, has posed difficult problems for system designers. Analyses by Ehn [1988], Grudin [t994] and others(More)