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1. Females of the green treefrog, Hyla cinerea, communicate in noisy environments, with spectrally complicated signals. A previous study (Megela Simmons 1988), using the reflex modification technique, found that the masked threshold of green treefrogs to two-tone signals differed by about 10 dB depending on whether or not the two components were(More)
Effective use of public health law can be a powerful tool to advance the mission of public health departments to protect and promote the health of the population. However, there is little known about the way that public health officials think about law, use law, and/or interact with their legal counsel. The purpose of this paper is to examine some of the(More)
Consistent with other professional fields, the goals of public health training have moved from a focus on knowledge transfer to the development of skills or competencies. At least six national competency sets have been developed in the past decade pertaining to public health professionals. State and local public health agencies are increasingly using(More)