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OBJECTIVE Cellular therapy is an investigational approach for stroke. Mononuclear cells (MNCs) from the bone marrow reduce neurological deficits in animal stroke models. We determined if autologous MNC infusion was feasible and safe in patients with ischemic stroke. METHODS We conducted an open-label prospective study of a bone marrow harvest followed by(More)
Environmental factors that influence placental development are of particular interest because of the reported association between adult hypertension, low birthweight, and large placental size. Maternal anaemia is one environmental factor that is associated with an increase in placental size at birth. We have examined the relation between haematological(More)
IMPORTANCE Clinical trials are under way to test the safety and efficacy of different types of cell therapies in patients with ischemic stroke. The informed consent process for recruitment of patients with stroke in cell therapy trials is complex and requires extensive discussions on multiple aspects. OBSERVATIONS Various issues in approaching patients(More)
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