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Comparison of older and younger alcoholics and prescription drug abusers: history and clinical presentation
This study compared 26 elderly patients with 33 younger patients with a diagnosis of a substance use disorder. Subjects were compared on demographic, medical, psychiatric, and social factors. AlcoholExpand
Emotions and the Ontology of Moral Value
Emotions have received a great deal of attention in moral philosophy during the past several decades. Philosophers from varied camps have attempted to show that emotions are necessary to moralExpand
Virtue and Emotion
L'A. mesure le role et l'unite de l'emotion dans la motivation vertueuse. A travers l'exemple du courage chez Aristote, l'A. examine la these du holisme des raisons chez J. Dancy, ainsi que laExpand
A Change of Heart: Moral Emotions, Transformation, and Moral Virtue
Inspired in part by a renewed attention to Aristotle's moral philosophy, philosophers have acknowledged the important role of the emotions in morality. Nonetheless, precisely how emotions matter toExpand
Food as Therapy for Frailty
This review provides an evidence-based summary of interventions that have been recommended to prevent or reverse frailty and its contributors, and supports increasing caloric intake, increasing protein intake, avoiding a fasting state, branched-chain amino acid supplementation, and screening for and treating vitamin D deficiency. Expand
Colloquium 4 Commentary on Arenson
Home Birth and the Maternity Outcomes Emergency: Attending to Race and Gender in Childbirth
Childbirth in the United States is in crisis. This is especially true for Black and brown mothers. This childbirth emergency constitutes a failure of the social contract: because society has failed...