Susan A. Romero

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Landscape structure can influence the fine-scale movement behavior of dispersing animals, which ultimately may influence ecological patterns and processes at broader scales. Functional grain refers to the finest scale at which an organism responds to spatial heterogeneity among patches and extends to the limits of its perceptual range. To determine the(More)
Molecular tools that characterize the structure of complex food webs and identify trophic connectedness in the field have become widely adopted in recent years. However, characterizing the intensity of predator-prey interactions can be prone to error. Maximizing collection success of small, fast-moving predators with vacuum suction samplers has the(More)
Movement behavior determines the success or failure of insects in finding important resources such as food, mates, reproductive sites, and shelter. We examined the response of female red flour beetles (Tribolium castaneum Herbst: Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) to habitat cues by quantifying the number of individuals that located a patch (either with or without(More)
Dietary diversification, including consumption of plant tissues such as pollen, can enhance the fecundity of generalist predators, resulting in improved control of pest prey. Supplemental pollen feeding has been observed in many natural enemies, including sheet-web spiders (Araneae: Linyphiidae), which represent a major component of food webs in(More)
SmCo films with a Cr underlayer have been investigated as potentially attractive candidates for high density recording media. Magnetron sputtering was used here to produce Cr/SmCox /Cr films on Si ~100! substrates. The magnetic films were deposited at a substrate temperature of 350 °C and an Ar pressure of 5 mTorr. Cr underlayers were deposited both at 25(More)
Gas aggregation is a well known method used to produce clusters of different materials with good size control, reduced dispersion, and precise stoichiometry. The cost of these systems is relatively high and they are generally dedicated apparatuses. Furthermore, the usual sample production speed of these systems is not as fast as physical vapor deposition(More)
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