Susan A Paterson

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Height and weight are two of the most commonly used anthropometric measurements in clinical practice and research. Self-reported height and weight measurement is a simple, efficient, inexpensive, and non-invasive method of collecting data from large numbers of people. This integrative review of the published research examined the accuracy of self-reported(More)
BACKGROUND Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) is an inflammatory disorder of unknown origin that is characterized by IgA-dominant immune complexes in smaller blood vessels. It results in a triad of symptoms, including a purpuric rash on the lower extremities, abdominal pain or renal involvement, and arthritis. Any of the triad may be absent, however, which(More)
Five maxillary anterior teeth lost during a grand mal epileptic seizure, were replanted using the technique recently described by Andreasen (1), after an extra-alveolar period of more than 72 h. The teeth were replanted surgically, 10 days after being avulsed, after they had been immersed in a 2.4% sodium fluoride solution and root filled with gutta-percha.(More)
AIM To analyse retrospectively the outcomes for children undergoing oral care under conscious sedation with oral midazolam and local analgesia at Leeds dental Institute, England and Westmead Dental Hospital, Sydney, Australia. Secondly, the study assessed the suitability of oral midazolam for paediatric dental treatment. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective study(More)
A clinical study was carried out to compare the efficacy of a short course, high dose amoxycillin versus a conventional penicillin regimen in the treatment of acute abscessed primary teeth. In a blind way children were assigned to either group A (amoxycillin) or group B (penicillin). The efficacy of the antibiotics was assessed using the clinical parameters(More)
Provision of General Anaesthesia is now limited and restricted to the hospital setting. Sedation for paediatric patients is an essential tool in anxiety management and is used as an adjunct to behaviour management. Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation to reach a plane of relative analgesia may be administered easily and safely to children(More)
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