Suryanarayana Vangapandu

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Quassinoids are highly oxygenated triterpenes, which were isolated as bitter principles from the plants of Simaroubaceae family. Their synthesis has attracted much attention because of the wide spectrum of their biological properties. The most prevalent quassinoids have C-20 picrasane skeleton, some known as bruceolides as they were isolated from the genus(More)
Synthesis and antimalarial activities of N8-(4-amino-1-methylbutyl)-5-alkoxy-4-ethyl-6-methoxy-8-quinolinamines (5) and their pro prodrug analogues (6-7) prepared by covalently linking 5 to the redox-sensitive (8) and esterase-sensitive (9) linkers through the amide linkage are reported. The most effective 8-quinolinamines [5c (R=C5H11) and 5f (R=C8H17)](More)
To eliminate an unwarranted metabolic pathway of the quinoline ring, a set of two compounds, where C-2 position of the antimalarial drug primaquine is blocked by metabolically stable bulky alkyl group are synthesized. Compound 2 [R = C(CH(3))(3)] of the series has produced excellent antimalarial efficacy against P. berghei and highly virulent(More)
Thirteen new analogues (32-40, 45-48) of recently discovered potent blood-schizontocidal antimalarial agent, 2-tert-butylprimaquine (2) are synthesized and evaluated for in vivo antimalarial activities against drug-sensitive P. berghei strain and multi-drug resistant P. yoelii nigeriensis strain. Two of the amino acid conjugates (47-48) have exhibited(More)
We report in vitro antimycobacterial properties of ring-substituted quinolines (series 1-4) constituting 56 analogues against drug-sensitive and drug-resistant M. tuberculosis H37Rv strains. The most effective compounds 2h (R1 = R2 = c-C6H11, R3 = NO2, series 1) and 13g (R1 = OC7H15, R2 = NO2, series 4) have exhibited an MIC value of 1 microg/mL against(More)
Bruceantin (1), a classical quassinoid with the highest reported antimalarial activity among the quassinoids examined thus far, was selected as a natural product lead for the design of a series of A/B-ring analogs. A viable strategy for the synthesis of the series was developed. The functionalized A-ring and the C-15 ester moiety in bruceantin are(More)
Regiospecific synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted-L-histidines and 2,3-disubstituted histamines starting from L-histidine methyl ester and histamine is reported. The key step involves homolytic free radical alkylation via silver catalyzed oxidative decarboxylation of alkylcarboxylic acids with ammonium persulfate.
Alanine, lysine, ornithine and valine conjugated to primaquine and other 8-quinolinamine antimalarials were prepared for blood-schizontocidal antimalarial activity evaluation. The analogues were examined in vivo against Plasmodium berghei (drug-sensitive strain) and Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis (highly virulent multi-drug-resistant strain) infected mice(More)
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