Suryanarayana Chari

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In light of current discussions on multiple forms of inhibin, it was thought of interest to ascertain the identity of the postulated 'iso-hormones' of bull seminal plasma inhibin (Chari et al., 1978). By subjecting the biologically active fraction, obtained by Sephadex G-100 gel filtration of bull seminal plasma acetone powder, to extensive dialysis in(More)
A luteinising hormone receptor binding inhibitor (LHRBI) has been purified from bovine corpus luteum (CL). Steroid-free extract of the CL was subjected to successive chromatographies on Sephadex G-50, Q-Sepharose, Orange A dye and metal chelate affinity columns followed by high performance-reverse phase and gel filtration columns. Purification was monitored(More)
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Inhibin activity from human follicular fluid was purified by successive chromatographies on Sephadex G-50, DEAE-Biogel A and orange A dye matrix. Inhibin activity was associated only with the protein(s) that bound to orange A (OrA-2). Daily injection of OrA-2, 1 h prior to hMG into 10-day-old female rats for 4 days caused a significant inhibition of(More)
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