Suryakant Soni

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Wireless sensor networks are networks of large quantities of compact micro-sensors with wireless communication capability. Innovative techniques that improve energy efficiency to prolong the network lifetime are highly required. Clustering is an efficient mechanism to increase the network scalability and lifetime. There is lot of challenges, in which one is(More)
This research suggests a framework of R tool. R tool frame work is used for analyzing big data in cloud computing. The aim is to identify the challenges for analyzing big data. R is a statistical programming language which is behind statistics, analytics and visualization. Today's data scientist and business leader uses R to make power business decisions.(More)
In today's era, data has been increasing in volume, velocity and variety. Due to large and complex collection of datasets, it is difficult to process on traditional data processing application. So, this leads to emerging of new technology called data analytics. Data analytics is a science of exploring raw data and elicitation the useful information and(More)
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