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Enterprise business intelligence usually relies on data from multiple sources being carefully joined based on common attributes and consolidated into a common data warehouse. This process is often plagued by difficulties and errors in resolving join-attributes across sources while consolidating information into a data warehouse. Moreover, it may often be(More)
Web-mediated consumer-to-consumer auctions are often regarded as risky due to the opportunistic behaviors in transaction. Online virtual community using feedback-based reputation service is an emerging trust building technology to reduce risk in online auction market. The purpose of this paper is to study the effect of feedback profiles on buyer's purchase(More)
Little research has been done on the complex relations between different actors in the development of Internet consumer's initial trust toward an unknown Web site. With social network analysis, we have built a conceptual model and developed research hypotheses based on t he theory of strength of weak ties. Empirical study is outlined and potential problems(More)
Web service, as an emerging technology, is being more and more widely adopted on the Internet for electronic business. The emergence of web service greatly facilitates business process management and reengineering. This paper develops a conceptual architecture for workflow management system based on web service infrastructure. The proposed architecture(More)
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