Surya Viswanathan

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Ventral furrow formation is a key morphogenetic event during Drosophila gastrulation that leads to the internalization of mesodermal precursors. While genetic analysis has revealed the genes involved in the specification of ventral furrow cells, few of the structural proteins that act as mediators of ventral cell behavior have been identified. A comparative(More)
This fMRI study investigates the neural mechanisms supporting the retrieval of action semantics. A novel motor imagery task was used in which participants were required to imagine planning actions with a familiar object (e.g. a toothbrush) or with an unfamiliar object (e.g. a pair of pliers) based on either goal-related information (i.e. where to move the(More)
Two-dimensional Difference Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE) circumvents many of the problems associated with gel comparison via the traditional approach, two-dimensional gel elec-trophoresis. DIGE's accuracy and precision, however, is compromised by the existence of other significant sources of systematic variation, including that caused by the apparatus used for(More)
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