Surya Veeraraghavan

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Outline zIntroduction zTunneling current density zGate tunneling current zDrain bias dependence and partition zModel Verification zConclusions Introduction – Overview z Aggressive scaling of t ox (below 30Å) ⇒ substantial I g in MOSFETs z First principle approach is not suited for compact models z Most of the existing compact models don't include the(More)
SUMMARY: Hundreds of Precariously Balanced Rocks (PBRs) exist in California. Since these rocks have been precariously placed for thousands of years, they can help in constraining the range of PGV (peak ground velocity) and frequency content of the ground motions that could not have occurred at this location during the time that the rock has been(More)
Introduction Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a non-invasive technique that probes diffusion of water molecules at a microstructural level. DTI has been used to reveal the transient early laminar architecture of the developing fetal mouse brain ex vivo [1], many features of which are not apparent on conventional MR imaging. The purpose of this work is to(More)
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