Surya Pemmaraju

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A modular, unsupervised neural network architecture that can be used for clustering and classification of complex data sets is presented. The adaptive fuzzy leader clustering (AFLC) architecture is a hybrid neural-fuzzy system that learns online in a stable and efficient manner. The system used a control structure similar to that found in the adaptive(More)
Segmentation of medical images is a challenging problem in the field of image analysis. Several diagnostics are based on proper segmentation of the digitized image. Segmentation of medical images is needed for applications involving estimation of the boundary of an object, classification of tissue abnormalities, shape analysis, contour detection and texture(More)
Recent developments in neuro-fuzzy systems indicate that the concepts of adaptive pattern recognition when used to identify appropriate control actions corresponding to clusters of patterns representing system states in dynamic nonlinear control systems, may result in innovative designs. A modular, unsupervised neural network architecture, in which fuzzy(More)
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