Surya Kavitha

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Medicine is one of the major fields where the application of artificial intelligence primarily deals with construction of programs that perform diagnosis and make therapy recommendations. In digital mammography, data mining techniques are used to detect and characterize abnormalities in images and clinical reports. In the existing approaches, the mammogram(More)
The application of Genetic Algorithm with a local search operation performed within its loop has provided very accurate results, but the algorithm take a lot of time to arrive at an optimal solution. This paper describes the use of a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm using efficient data structures to automate the construction of a departmental class timetable. This(More)
Computing in Cloud is a topical skill that disquiet with allocation of computing resources and services on pay- per- use basis. To access remote computers, scheduling is a key task. Scheduling of task is a NP-complete problem. It is additional obscure in cloud computing atmosphere. To achieve improved performance of cloud resource, successful and proficient(More)
An access control list (ACL) provides security for a private network by controlling the flow of incoming and outgoing packets. Specifically, a network policy is created in the form of a sequence of (possibly conflicting) rules. Each packet is compared against this ACL, and the first rule that the packet matches defines the decision for that packet. The size(More)
Mobile phone is a hand-held communication device, the popularity of which has increased unbelievably over the past few years. This is not only because of the ability to make calls but also due to the Short Messaging Service (SMS) provided. Although, the number of people using mobiles is a myriad, there are still people who depend on landline phones for(More)
Today's electronic equipment comes with user friendly interfaces such as keypads and graphical displays. As images convey more information to a user, it is many of the equipment today have image displays and interfaces. Hence most of the signal processing technologies today has dedicated hardware that act as co-processors to compress and decompress images.(More)
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