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Free radical scavenging behavior of folic acid: evidence for possible antioxidant activity.
The free radical scavenging properties and possible antioxidant activity of folic acid are reported. Pulse radiolysis technique is employed to study the one-electron oxidation of folic acid inExpand
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Transformation of phospholipid membranes by thiyl radicals via cis-trans isomerization of fatty acid residues.
Thiyl radical-mediated transformation of unsaturated fatty acid residues are reported. Beside the initiation of lipid peroxidation, thiyl radicals can efficiently cause isomerization of fatty acidExpand
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Direct synthesis of 2-deoxy-β-glycosides via anomeric O-alkylation with secondary electrophiles.
An approach for direct synthesis of biologically significant 2-deoxy-β-glycosides has been developed via O-alkylation of a variety of 2-deoxy-sugar-derived anomeric alkoxides using challengingExpand
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Gold-Catalyzed Synthesis of 2-Deoxy Glycosides Using S-But-3-ynyl Thioglycoside Donors
A mild and atom-economic gold(I)-catalyzed glycosylation for stereoselective synthesis of 2-deoxy α-glycosides using bench-stable 2-deoxy S-But-3-ynyl thioglycoside donors has been described. UnderExpand
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Catalytic stereoselective synthesis of β-digitoxosides: direct synthesis of digitoxin and C1'-epi-digitoxin.
A mild and atom-economic rhenium(V)-catalyzed stereoselective synthesis of β-D-digitoxosides from 6-deoxy-D-allals has been described. This β-selective glycosylation was achieved probably because ofExpand
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Studies of S-But-3-ynyl and gem-Dimethyl S-But-3-ynyl Thioglycoside Donors in Gold-Catalyzed Glycosylations
Gold-catalyzed glycosylation using S-but-3-ynyl and gem-dimethyl S-but-3-ynyl thioglycoside donors has been investigated for the synthesis of various types of complex oligosaccharides. It was foundExpand
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Stereoselective Synthesis of α-Digitoxosides and α-Boivinosides via Chelation-Controlled Anomeric O-Alkylation
A chelation-controlled anomeric O-alkylation has been developed for the stereoselective synthesis of α-digitoxosides and α-boivinosides bearing a C3-free hydroxyl group. Due to chelation via sodiumExpand
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Indications of 5' to 3' Interbase Electron Transfer as the First Step of Pyrimidine Dimer Formation Probed by a Dinucleotide Analog.
Pyrimidine dimers are the most common DNA lesions generated under UV radiation. To reveal the molecular mechanisms behind their formation, it is of significance to reveal the roles of each pyrimidineExpand
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Direct Synthesis of 2-Deoxy-β-glycosides via Anomeric O-Alkylation with Secondary Electrophiles.
Biologically interesting 2-deoxy-β-glycosides can be prepared from 2-deoxy-sugar-derived anomeric lactols and secondary triflates as the electrophile.
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