Surupa Sen Gupta

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BACKGROUND Recovery from osteoporosis in anorexia nervosa (AN) is uncertain. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to understand the changes in bone mineral density (BMD) in women with AN and the mechanisms of recovery from osteopenia. DESIGN We studied BMD and markers of bone formation and resorption, osteocalcin and N-telopeptide (NTX), in patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of estrogen deficiency and exercise on body composition and leptin in young women. DESIGN Cross-sectional clinical study. SETTING Volunteers in an academic research environment. PATIENT(S) Three age- and body mass index-matched groups: normal-weight women with exercise-associated amenorrhea, regularly menstruating(More)
A biodevelopmental model of insomnia is articulated specifying coordinated nighttime (disturbed sleep pattern) and daytime (no excessive daytime sleepiness) characteristics defining an insomnoid classification in at-risk groups: short sleepers and older adults. Pupillometry is proposed as a useful means of discriminating degree of daytime sleepiness to aid(More)
Hydrogen peroxide has been found to kill Chinese hamster V79 cells as an exponential function of dose. When a small dose (0.9 microgram/ml for 1 h) was used as a pretreatment, before exposure to higher concentrations of the same agent, the cells became more resistant to killing than those which were not so pretreated. The presence of cycloheximide or(More)
An analog correlator has been constructed using a delay unit which is realized by simulation of the sixth-order Pade approximated result of exp(-jomegatau) where j= radical-1, omega the angular frequency of the signals of concern, and tau the delay in seconds. Several sinusoidal signals and a noise spectrum have been autocorrelated with this correlator;(More)