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Fusion is an anomaly manifested in both deciduous and permanent dentitions. Fusion of dental tissues in the primary dentition is of clinical significance owing to the challenges in treatment of the affected teeth and aberrations encountered in development and eruption of their successors. Triple tooth refers to the union of three separate tooth entities. It(More)
PURPOSE The present study was aimed to investigate the variation of soft palate morphology in different age and gender groups. The correlations of radiographic velar length (VL), velar width (VW), pharyngeal depth (PD), and Need's ratio with soft palate variants were also studied in the North Indian subpopulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study sample(More)
The pulp stones are the discrete nodular calcified masses commonly existing in coronal and occasionally in radicular pulp, placed freely, attached or embedded into the dentine. The present case report revealed the iatrogenic pushing of pulp stone and blockage of root canal that caused endodontic failure. The case enlightens the proper use of ultrasonic(More)
BACKGROUND Microleakage around dental restorative material and strength to withstand the masticatory forces is major problem in dentistry. Instead, many new materials available, very few actually bond to tooth surface and bear masticatory load. AIM The aim of this study is to evaluate and compare the microleakage and compressive strength of Ketac Molar,(More)
Restoration of a traumatically injured tooth presents a clinical challenge for a predictable aesthetic outcome. This case report describes a multidisciplinary approach of a subgingivally fractured permanent maxillary central incisor. A removable orthodontic appliance was used for orthodontic extrusion of root, and surgical gingival recontouring was done(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was undertaken to evaluate the accuracy of methods proposed by Tanaka and Johnston, Moyers, and Bernabé and Flores-Mir to forecast the mesiodistal dimensions of permanent canine and premolars in a North Indian population. METHODS Mesiodistal tooth dimensions were measured from study models representing 68 male and 68 female(More)
INTRODUCTION Root canal obturation is the most important step in the root canal treatment that aims to obtain a complete hermetic seal and to prevent the re-growth of microorganisms in the root canal system. To accomplish this, many endodontic obturation materials and sealers are being used. AIM To evaluate and compare the apical microleakage of a resin(More)
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