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Thirty cases of blunt renal injury are reviewed. The need for rapid and accurate diagnosis of these cases with excretory urography, supplemented in certain patients with renal angiography, is discussed. High-dose excretory urography allows the cases to be categorized into minor or major injuries. All minor injuries can be managed without operation. For(More)
Bilateral vocal cord paralysis being misdiagnosed as bronchial asthma has been reported in the literature on several occasions. Diagnosing this condition needs precise clinical acumen which could lead us to make an integrated diagnostic and treatment plan. Here, we report another missed case of bilateral vocal cord paralysis and the root cause analysis of(More)
Introduction: Sirenomelia is a congenital structural anomaly characterized by abnormal development of the caudal region of the body with varying degrees of fusion of lower limbs. Most of the times, the condition is fatal for the baby. Most babies do not survive even after surgery. Fifty percent of cases are seen as stillbirths, and it is much more common in(More)
CASE We present the case of a 37-year-old man with features of a meniscal tear in 1 symptomatic knee and radiographic findings of discoid menisci in both knees. A provisional diagnosis of bilateral discoid medial menisci was made. Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed the discoid nature of the medial menisci in both knees. The symptomatic knee was managed(More)
Primary bladder stone is a common pediatric surgical problem in developing countries. Many theories are prevalent. The stone matrix theory is based on increased excretion of its precursor, the uromucoid (the urinary mucoprotein). Uromucoid, studied in urine and stones by the electroimmunodiffusion technique in 49 cases with controls, showed significantly(More)