Suroor Ahmad Khan

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A series of N'-[(5-chloro-3-methyl-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)methylene] 2/4-substituted hydrazides were synthesized using appropriate synthetic route and characterized by elemental analysis and spectral data. The anticonvulsant activity of some of the synthesized compounds were evaluated against maximal electroshock induced seizure (MES) and subcutaneous(More)
Various N-(5-chloro-6-substituted-benzothiazol-2-yl)-N'-(substituted phenyl)-[1,3,4]thiadiazole-2,5-diamines (5a-t) were designed and synthesized starting from substituted acetophenones. Structures of all the compounds were confirmed on the basis of spectral and elemental analyses. All the newly synthesized compounds were screened for their anticonvulsant(More)
A series of 2-(substituted aryloxy)-5-(substituted benzylidene)-3-phenyl-2,5-dihydro-1H-[1,2,4] triazin-6-one were designed & synthesized using appropriate synthetic route keeping in view the structural requirement of pharmacophore and evaluated for anticonvulsant activity and CNS activities. After intraperitoneal injection to mice, some synthesized(More)
Provisioning of sophisticated electronic government (e-Government) applications pose several challenges to public authorities; identification and authentication of citizens is one of them. To address this challenge, governments around the world are developing their identity management systems (IDMS) keeping in view their existing ICT infrastructure, social(More)
A series of novel 3-(2-(5-(2-chloroquinolin-3-yl)-3-substituted phenyl-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)thiazol-4-yl)-6-H/halo-2H-chromen-2-ones (9a–9y) was prepared as antimicrobial agents by the condensation of 3-(2-bromoacetyl)-6-H/halo-2H-chromen-2-ones (4a–4e) and 5-(2-chloroquinolin-3-yl)-3-substituted phenyl-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole-1-carbothiamide (8a–8e)(More)
A series of dihydro-pyrimidine-5-carbonitrile derivatives (3-16) were synthesized and evaluated for their anticonvulsant activity against MES and scPTZ models. Motor impairment screening was carried out by rotarod test method and CNS depressant effect was determined by Porsolt's force swim pool method. Compounds 4 and 9 having p-substituted bromo and(More)
The anticonvulsant study of 25 newly synthesized quinazolin-4(3H)-one substituted 1H and 2H-tetrazoles (6a–6d, 7a–7b, 8a–8i, 8a′–8i′) was executed. The study employing the maximal electroshock and subcutaneous pentylenetetrazole (scPTZ) screens, the ‘gold standards’ in the preliminary anticonvulsant breakthrough and the neurotoxicity study applying the(More)
Malaria is the leading infectious disease found in humans, affecting third-world countries. Worldwide, more than two billion people are at risk of malaria, with about 500 million clinical cases of malaria each year and one million deaths. In this focused review, an effort has been made to summarize the reactions of singlet oxygen with organic substrates,(More)
A series of 5,6-dimethoxy-2-{1-[arylamino/alkylamino(thioxo)methyl]-4-piperidyl-methyl}-1-indanones (4a–l) were designed and synthesized by the reaction of 5,6-dimethoxy-2-(piperidin-4-yl-methyl)-indan-1-one with aryl/alkyl isothiocyanates. The anticonvulsant activity was evaluated in animal models by maximal electroshock seizure and subcutaneous(More)
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