Surong Wang

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As the amount of multimedia data is increasing day-by-day thanks to less expensive storage devices and increasing numbers of information sources, machine learning algorithms are faced with large-sized and noisy datasets. Fortunately, the use of a good sampling set for training influences the final results significantly. But using a simple random sample(More)
In this paper, a new method to calculate the similarity among images using Dominant Color Descriptor is discussed. Using Earth Mover's Distance (EMD), better retrieval results can be obtained compared with those obtained from the original MPEG-7 reference software (XM) [1]. To further improve the retrieval accuracy, texture information from Edge Histogram(More)
An audio event refers to some specific audio sound which plays important role for video content analysis. In our previous work [3], we have established audio event identification as an audio classification task. Due to the large size of audio database, representative samples are necessary for training the classifier. However, the commonly used random(More)
As the amount of multimedia data is increasing day-by-day thanks to cheaper storage devices and increasing number of information sources, the machine learning algorithms are faced with large-sized datasets. When original data is huge in size small sample sizes are preferred for various applications. This is typically the case for multi-media applications.(More)
BACKGROUND Limited studies are available on health behavior knowledge among the elderly and the interaction between the elderly and their children living with them. Using a survey of the elderly in the community and their children living with them, we explored the characteristics that determine health behavior knowledge. We also identified the influencing(More)
Metabolism-mediated drug adverse effects (e.g., drug–drug interaction, bioactivation, etc.) strongly limit the utilization of clinical drugs. The present study aims to predict the metabolic capability of cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3A4 toward pazopanib which is an excellent drug exhibiting therapeutic role toward various cancers especially for ovarian cancer.(More)
BACKGROUNDS Human schistosomiasis is caused by schistosome, with annual loss of over 70 million disability adjusted life years in the world. China is endemic with Schistosoma japonicum and large-scale chemotherapy with praziquantel has become the mainstay of control in China since 1990s. However, the control effects of mass treatment in the field have been(More)