Suronapee Phoomvuthisarn

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An important requirement of emerging systems is to be able to share information with other systems over open environments. When a system needs to allow previously unknown entities to access its resources, mechanisms should be in place to allow negotiating trust and services based on pre-defined sharing requirements. We emphasize that a framework for(More)
An important requirement of systems or application domains in emerging open environments is the capability to share information and services with other application domains that have different sets of protection requirements. When a domain needs to allow entities from previously unknown domains to access its resources, mechanisms should be in place to allow(More)
A key challenge in emerging service-oriented computing is the need to establish trust-based loosely coupled partnerships between previously unknown services. A dependable trust framework is essential to capture and maintain realistic trust information based on different requirements of participating services. Most existing trust management frameworks assume(More)
Cultural heritage plays an important role in preserving social characteristics and knowledge for future generations. To provide long-term access to these resources, many cultural materials are today archived digitally. The problem arises when each cultural archive, which has own a large database, has been collected with the same cultural types, but(More)
In SOA, Reputation-Based Trust (RBT) mechanism is applied to achieve trust management. RBT enables services to assess the trust level of other services based on the reputation accumulated from user recommendations. A key challenge to apply RBT is to prevent the strategic behavior of users when they provide recommendations -- they might give unfair ratings(More)
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