Surojit Mondal

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BACKGROUND Molecular chaperones that support de novo folding of proteins under non stress condition are classified as chaperone 'foldases' that are distinct from chaperone' holdases' that provide high affinity binding platform for unfolded proteins and prevent their aggregation specifically under stress conditions. Ribosome, the cellular protein synthesis(More)
BACKGROUND The ribosome, which acts as a platform for mRNA encoded polypeptide synthesis, is also capable of assisting in folding of polypeptide chains. The peptidyl transferase center (PTC) that catalyzes peptide bond formation resides in the domain V of the 23S rRNA of the bacterial ribosome. Proper positioning of the 3' -CCA ends of the A- and P-site(More)
An understanding of the mechanisms underlying protein aggregation and cytotoxicity of the protein aggregates is crucial in the prevention of several diseases in humans. Ribosome, the cellular protein synthesis machine is capable of acting as a protein folding modulator. The peptidyltransferase center residing in the domain V of large ribosomal subunit 23S(More)
Neuropathic arthropathy of the shoulder is a rare disorder that has been described in fewer than Mitchell presented clinical evidence of connection between so-called translatable rheumatism affecting the peripheral joints and disease of the spine but made no mention of dysfunction of the sensory or motor nerves (apart from the case of one patient who had an(More)
Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic granulomatous disease caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi. It usually occurs in the mucous membranes of nose, nasopharynx, and eyes, and less commonly in extra nasal sites such as skin, bones, genitalia, and even the internal organs. Rhinosporidiosis occurs in the wrist joint with isolated bony involvement is rare. We report one(More)
The past few years have marked the start of a historic transition from sequential to parallel computation. The necessity to write parallel programs is increasing as systems are getting more complex while processor speed increases are slowing down. Current parallel programming uses low-level programming constructs like threads and explicit synchronization(More)
Osteochondroma or exostosis is most common primary benign bone tumor and comprising of more than one third of primary bone tumor. Osteochondroma originate mainly from the metaphysis of long bone with more than 35% of cases affecting the bone around the knee and seldom found in flat bones like scapula, that may cause abnormal scapulothoracic movement leading(More)
Osteochondroma or exostoses is most common Primary benign bone tumor and comprising of more than one-third of Primary benign bone tumors. They usually arise from metaphysis of long bone. They are mostly asymptomatic depending on their size and location. This article presents a noble case of Osteochondroma originating from the lesser trochanter of femur(More)
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