Surojit Kumar Bose

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The mutual interaction of localized magnetic moments and their interplay with itinerant conduction electrons in a solid are central to many phenomena in condensed-matter physics, including magnetic ordering and related many-body phenomena such as the Kondo effect, the Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yoshida interaction and carrier-induced ferromagnetism in diluted(More)
Natural computers exploit the emergent properties and massive parallelism of interconnected networks of locally active components. Evolution has resulted in systems that compute quickly and that use energy efficiently, utilizing whatever physical properties are exploitable. Man-made computers, on the other hand, are based on circuits of functional units(More)
We report on the tuning of the Kondo effect in thin Au films containing a monolayer of cobalt(II) terpyridine complexes by altering the ligand structure around the Co(2+) ions by depositing a thin Au capping layer on top of the monolayer on Au by magnetron sputtering (more energetic) and e-beam evaporation (softer). We show that the Kondo effect is slightly(More)
In this research work, we propose and realize a real-time stereoscopic vision system for neurosurgery training using a surgical stereoscopic microscope. We connect a pair of high resolution IP cameras to a surgical microscope through a dual port microscope beam splitter and a pair of microscope video adaptors. We make use of the specifically designed(More)
Stereo vision systems are essential for the 3D object reconstruction, industrial automation, telerobotics and many more. Stereo rectification process aligns the left and the right images such that their respective image rows are accurately aligned with each other. In this paper, we propose and implement a real-time stereo rectification of the high(More)
Image stitching algorithms combine multiple low resolution images and provide a single high resolution composite image with a larger field of view available for video surveillance. In this research work, we put forward and realize real-time panorama composition for a video surveillance application using the power of a GPU. We utilize a cross platform OpenGL(More)
Robots are deployed to perform repeatable as well as hazardous tasks because of their inherent safety, reliability, consistency and accuracy. Recently robots are manipulated remotely using the binocular stereo vision. In this paper, we propose and implement a real-time stereoscopic viewer for telerobotics using open source software. We manipulate the KUKA(More)
This paper presents heuristic algorithms that may be used for light-path routing and wavelength assignment in optical WDM networks under dynamically varying traf®c conditions. We consider both the situations where the wavelength continuity constraint is enforced or not enforced along a light-path. The performance of these algorithms has been studied through(More)