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The genus Hyoscyamus comprises of medicinally important species rich in tropane alkaloids. Its cultivated species have been subjected to genetic enhancement through chromosomal manipulation. Linear differentiation of chromosomes is quite important to facilitate chromosome identification, and inter-chromosomal and intra-chromosomal alterations for(More)
Microbiological and physico-chemical characteristics of tropical forest, grassland and cropfield soils from India were investigated. The study revealed that the conversion of natural forest led to a reduction of soil organic C (26–36%), total N (26–35%), total P (33–44%), microfungal biomass (44–66%) and total microbial biomass C, N and P (25–60%) over a(More)
We investigated the effects of converting forest to savanna and plough land on the microbial biomass in tropical soils of India. Conversion of the forest led to a significant reduction in soil organic C (40–46%), total N (47–53%), and microbial biomass C (52–58%) in the savanna and the plough land. Among forest, savanna, and plough land, basal soil(More)
The measurement of primary π ± , K ± , p and p production at mid-rapidity (|y| < 0.5) in proton–proton collisions at √ s = 7 TeV performed with a large ion collider experiment at the large hadron collider (LHC) is reported. Particle identification is performed using the specific ioni-sation energy-loss and time-of-flight information, the ring-imaging(More)
Whole genome duplication leads to autopolyploidy and brings about an increase in cell size, concentration of secondary metabolites and enhanced cytosine methylation. The increased cell size offers a positive advantage to polyploids for cell-surface-related activities, but there is a differential response to change in body size across species and taxonomic(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Intermittent cholera outbreaks are major problem in many of the states of India. It is essential to identify cholera at the earliest for timely mobilization of public health responses and to abort the outbreaks. The present study was a part of a diarrhoeal outbreak investigation in Secunderabad, India, during May 2009 where the(More)
Measurements of cross sections of inelastic and diffractive processes in proton–proton collisions at LHC energies were carried out with the ALICE detector. The fractions of diffractive processes in inelastic collisions were determined from a study of gaps in charged particle pseudora-pidity distributions: for single diffraction (diffractive mass
The inclusive production cross sections at forward rapidity of J/ψ, ψ(2S), ϒ(1S) and ϒ(2S) are measured in pp collisions at √ s = 7 TeV with the ALICE detector at the LHC. The analysis is based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 1.35 pb −1. Quarko-nia are reconstructed in the dimuon-decay channel and the signal yields are(More)
Environmental stress in plants impacts many biological processes, including male gametogenesis, and affects several cytological mechanisms that are strongly interrelated. To understand the likely impact of rising temperature on reproductive fitness in the climate change regime, a study of tapetal mitosis and its accompanying meiosis over seasons was made to(More)