Surjeet Singh

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Histidine containing reducible polycations based on CH(6)K(3)H(6)C monomers (His6 RPCs), are highly effective DNA transfection agents combining pH buffering endosomal escape mechanisms with rapid unpackaging following reduction in the cytoplasm. We examined their ability to mediate siRNA uptake into cells focusing on hepatocyte delivery. Co-delivery of EGFP(More)
Synthetic vectors based on reducible polycations consisting of histidine and polylysine residues (HIS RPCs) were evaluated for their ability to deliver nucleic acids. Initial experiments showed that RPC-based vectors with at least 70% histidine content mediated efficient levels of gene transfer without requirement for the endosomolytic agent chloroquine.(More)
Extracellular stability, endocytic escape, intracellular DNA release and nuclear translocation of DNA are all critical properties of non-viral vector/DNA particles. We have evaluated a (Lys)(16)-based linear, reducible polycation (RPC) in combination with an acid-dependent, anionic fusogenic peptide for gene delivery to dividing and post-mitotic cells. The(More)
The anti-cancer activity of the benzo[h]quinolines was evaluated on cultured human skin cancer (G361), lung cancer (H460), breast cancer (MCF7) and colon cancer (HCT116) cell lines. The inhibitory effect of these compounds on the cell growth was determined by the MTT assay. The compounds 3e, 3f, 3h and 3j showed potential cytotoxicity against these human(More)
Let X, X′ be two locally finite, preordered sets and let R be any indecomposable commutative ring. The incidence algebra I(X,R), in a sense, represents X, because of the wellknown result that if the rings I(X,R) and I(X′,R) are isomorphic, then X and X′ are isomorphic. In this paper, we consider a preordered set X that need not be locally finite but has the(More)
A new precursor 2-(1-cyano-2,2-bis(methylthio)vinyl)benzonitrile has been synthesized by the reaction of 2-cyanomethylbenzonitrile, carbon disulfide and methyl iodide under basic conditions. The reaction of 2-(1-cyano-2,2-bis(methylthio)vinyl)benzonitrile with various functionalized aryl/heteroaryl methyl ketones or acetone under basic conditions afforded(More)
Let X be any partially ordered set, R any commutative ring, and T = I * (X,R) the weak incidence algebra of X over R. Let Z be a finite nonempty subset of X, L(Z) = {x ∈ X : x z for some z ∈ Z}, and M = Te Z. Various chain conditions on M are investigated. The results so proved are used to construct some classes of right perfect rings that are not left(More)
We have reported a microwave assisted base directed regioselective synthesis of partially reduced chromenes, isochromenes and phenanthrenes. Functionalized 4-(piperidin-1-yl)-5,6-dihydro-2H-benzo[h]-chromen-2-one-3-carbonitriles have been used as precursors, which on reaction with functionalized acetophenones in the presence of KOH in DMF under microwave(More)